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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

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Shopping for the winter holidays can be a bit of a nightmare wherever you go, so this week we’re here to help you navigate it well! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up this week and next, so today the Grand Estates in the Forest Blog has tips for making the most of the biggest shopping days of the year, from your apartment or out in Conroe, TX.

General Tips

Start preparing by communicating with each person you’re buying gifts for. Ask them to get you a wish list, including sizes and preferred color and quantity of each item. Have them rate in some way how much they want each item so you can better prioritize what you’ll spend money on. Keep these lists in an easily accessible master list (online, for example, so you can access it anywhere) for you to navigate and edit without spoiling any surprises.

Of course, it’s not always easy to find what you need or even to get all these lists in the first place. If you find yourself stumped for a gift for someone, consider creating a themed gift you think they would appreciate or offering an experience for a gift.

Going Out

Black Friday shopping doesn’t always start Friday morning at midnight. Especially if you’re shopping at a heavily trafficked store and you want to get the best deals or snag those limited-stock items, you may need to start lining up Thursday.

But before you head to the line, check online! Cyber Monday may not be for a few days, but the sites for your shops should have some sort of indication of what to expect for Black Friday sales. Take note of return policies, estimates of what’s in stock, and other important information. (This is good to do for Cyber Monday, as well!) This can also help you decide on a route so you can better plan an efficient day of shopping.

Staying In

Cyber Monday holds a high appeal for people who don’t want to face the crowds or difficult hours of Black Friday. But remember that some of the limitations, like what’s in stock, may also be affected by how early you shop! In fact, hot ticket items may be even quicker to sell out online because they’re accessible to people everywhere. So check your shops’ websites and social media accounts to stay up to date on what to expect.

What are your best online and in-person shopping tips? Leave a comment filling us in so we can all have better experiences. Thanks for reading! Good luck!

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