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Stress-Free Holiday Travel

full luggage cart in the middle of an airport floor
If you’re headed out of Conroe, TX for the holidays, the last thing you want is to be unprepared! Traveling during this season can bring unexpected weather, delays, and changes in your carefully planned itinerary. We’ve decided to round up a few simple tricks and tips to help you prepare for whatever may come your way.

Don’t forget the necessities. Make a list of all the hygiene, makeup, and other items you use on a daily basis. Beyond that, remember entertainment for your mode of travel, including noise-cancelling headphones, and iPad for games and movies, hard-case luggage to avoid damage, chargers for all devices, and a camera or Go-Pro to capture all the holiday magic on film! These are great options if you’re considering adding a few new toys to your travel routine.

If you’re unsure of what else to pack in your carry-on, we found this great post from Putting Me Together about items to include in your carry-on case that can come in handy. The post mentions the following:

“I don’t like having a HUGE carry on tote to lug through an airport. I don’t like when it’s heavy or hard to find things because I have too much stuff to wade through. If I’m in a car I’m more tolerable of extra bulk since I don’t have to walk long distances through terminals, rather the bag just sits in the car. But still, I’d rather just pack less if I can, and I’ve been packing pretty much only these items for over 3 years and haven’t needed to add more.”

We even got some ideas from this post that we hadn’t thought of before! She suggests a light cardigan for chilly flights as well as a water bottle for staying hydrated. Take note of what you might have forgotten to bring on previous trips and plan to bring it with you this time!

Traveling light is good, but traveling smart is even better. What are your travel tips? Add them to the Grand Estates in the Forest blog in the comments below so the rest of the apartment community can benefit!

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